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TDK Blu-ray Disc 25GB 4x BD-R Branded 50pk Cakebox 49024

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Part #: 49024
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TDK Recordable Blu-ray 50 pack spindle BD-R25X50CBS

Introducing TDK 25GB BD-R media, next-generation blue laser recordable discs offering massive storage capacity and blazingly fast transfer rates. From backing up large data directories to recording HD video, TDK Blu-ray Discs make it possible.

The high-sensitivity inorganic recording material utilized by TDK BD-R media is completely different than the recording materials used for CD or DVD. Composed of copper and silicon, TDK's exclusive CuSi recording material delivers remarkable, long-lasting performance. The recording material enables fast recording and playback speeds and also makes it possible to realize massive capacities through multi-layering.

DURABIS 2 protects the disc surface against scratches and resists smudges from fingerprints, providing error-free Blu-ray Disc performance. Hard coating technology pioneered by TDK is part of the Blu-ray specification, but only TDK has DURABIS 2, the most advanced hard coating formulation for Blu-ray Disc media.

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