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TDK Blu-ray Disc 25GB 4x BD-R White Inkjet Hub Print 25pk Cakebox 49025

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Part #: 49025
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TDK Blu-ray Disc 25GB 4x BD-R White Inkjet Hub Print 25pk Cakebox 49025


TDK printable surface Blu-ray Discs deliver the ultimate combination of massive capacity storage, bit-perfect performance, and crisp, vivid surface printing. TDK 25GB BD-R printable surface Blu-ray Discs incorporate exclusive surface coatings optimized for inkjet and thermal printers. TDK’s proprietary printable surfaces yield the highest quality output from a range of systems including the following:

  • Microboards
  • Microtech
  • Primera (including Primera Accent II Disc Laminator)
  • Rimage Everest
  • Teac (based on preliminary tests with printer P-55B)

DURABIS is Durability

Like all TDK Blu-ray Discs, the new printable surface products incorporate TDK’s exclusive DURABIS hard coating technology. DURABIS gives TDK Blu-ray Discs drastically greater scratch resistance than non-treated media. Because the DURABIS coating technology rapidly discharges static electricity, the discs also resist the accumulation of dust to protect sensitive drive optics.

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