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CSHELL Brand Clam Shell - Green - 100 Pack CS75-GR

Stock: In Stock.*
Part #: CS75-GR
Weight: 7.00 lbs
Qty Included: 100
CSHELL Brand Clam Shell - Green - 100 Pack CS75-GR


CSHELL Brand Clam Shells 100pk

The one that started it all. With its award winning and patented design, the CShell has quietly become one of the most popular ways to cover a CD. Whether for your personal CD collection or any of the multitude of business uses, the CShell Classic will stand the test of time - and use.

What makes the CShell so special? The almost pure utilitarian function of the design. We have taken the idea of a "second skin" and made it both practical and attractive:

  • It is less than half the weight and thickness of standard "jewel case" style CD holder, overcoming the sheer bulk of traditional designs.
  • It is constructed of durable polypropylene, overcoming fragility. Even if you could break it, it would be tough to get a sharp edge.
  • By adding a splash of color, the CShell becomes an individualized attention getter. Put one in someone’s hands and find out yourself!

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