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DISC-GO-TECH Disc-Go-Pod Plus Optical Disc Repair Machine - Starter Pack 1010024

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Part #: 1010024
Weight: 11.00 lbs


DISC-GO-TECH DISC-GO-POD+ Optical Disc Repair Machine

An Enhanced POD experience!- The DISC-GO-POD+ will do more and outperform other machines on the market at the same price point. The POD+ can help you realize new revenue streams through used disc sales or offering disc repair as a service to the public. Just think about it...the cost of replacing heavily used discs, especially Video Game discs, can be expensive. With the POD+, the cost to repair those discs is less than a third of a dollar.

The DISC-GO-POD+ has all the same great features of the original DISC-GO-POD, plus a whole lot more! The enhanced design is extremely easy to use and features more automation. The POD+ comes with self-adjusting polishing pads and multiple timed repair cycles, making it even easier to repair your discs quickly and easily. The POD+ also has a more powerful motor and fan allowing it to repair more discs on a daily basis than the original POD.

The POD+ is even easier to operate than the original POD. Just fill the pump reservoir with polish, load the disc for repair label side down, clost the lid and press start. There are no knobs to adjust, saving you more time in the repair process.

Package Includes: Starter Pack -Good for 100 repairs

  • 2 sets of polishing pads
  • 8 oz. polishing compound
  • 1 cleaning cloth
  • 1 oz. final spray

Warranty: Standard 90 day / Extended Available

Repair Rate: 25 discs per day

Power Specs: 110V / 60Hz / 80W

Size Specs: 6.75"(w) x 8.75"(d) x 7.5"(h)

Weight Specs: 11 lbs.

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