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DMMI 10-Disc Black Amaray Style CD/DVD Case 50pk SF004

Stock: In Stock.*
Part #: SF004
Weight: 27.00 lbs
Qty Included: 25


Mega Media Black Multi 10-Disc Amaray Style DVD Cases

Finally, the wait is over for DVD lovers! We are now on a very short list of distributors of this exciting DVD packaging product in the United States.

Introducing the brand new multi-10 DVD cases! Rare, superior quality and design for major DVD duplication and replication jobs.

This fabulous looking 10-DVD case holds 10 DVDs! For home users, it simply enriches your prized DVD collections. For business users, it is a very cost effective means of packaging and shipping. When you mail DVDs out with this special case via the postal service, you can save yourself some postage fees.

Case Dimensions:

7 7/16" (length) x 5 5/16" (width) x 1 7/16 (thickness)"

Net Weight:

7.5 oz per case.

Positions of 10 discs:

  • Disc #1 on the front panel
  • Disc #2 & #3 on center flip tray A
  • Disc #4 & #5 on center flip tray B
  • Disc #6 & #7 on center flip tray C
  • Disc #8 & #9 on center flip tray D
  • Disc #10 on bottom panel

These 10-DVD cases have a plastic overlay for DVD case artwork. (DVD artwork cover size: 8 11/16" x 7 3/16")

Min Order: 50 pieces, increments of 50.

* Product stock, image and description are always subject to change without notice.

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