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DMMI Blu-ray Disc 50GB 2x BD-R Branded Jewel Case BD-R2XBRC1

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Part #: BD-R2XBRC1
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DMMI Branded by Panasonic 50GB Blu-ray Disc in Blu-ray Case

Introducing DMMI's 2x branded by Panasonic blu-ray disc, featuring storage capacities over 10 times larger than today's standard DVDs and fast data transfer rates. A blu-ray Disc is ideal for consumers interested in recording TV shows and sporting events in crystal-clear, high-definition quality. Blu-ray Disc is also great for many other high capacity data storage needs.

  • 1x-2x recording speed
  • Double-layer, single-sided disc
  • Comes in a Blu-ray jewel case

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