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Maxell B-124SXL Betacam SX Videocassette Large 292720

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Part #: 292720
Weight: 1.00 lbs


Maxell B-124SXL Betacam SX Videocassette

  • Reliable digital videocassette for ENG/EFP applications
  • Fine Ceramic Armor Metal magnetic particles and high performance binder systems achieve high reliability and durability under extreme tape running modes during editing
  • Superior anti-heat resistance and anti-oxidation characteristics minimize tape shrinkage and increase storage stability
  • Highly accurate cassette mechanism to optimize smooth tape travel
  • Maxell's patented SW reel minimizes uneven tape winding
292790B-6 SX (Small)6 minutes
292780B-12 SX (Small)12 minutes
292770B-22 SX (Small)22 minutes
292760B-32 SX (Small)32 minutes
292752B-62 SX (Small)62 minutes
292740B-64 SXL (Large)64 minutes
292730B-94 SXL (Large)94 minutes
292720B-124 SXL (Large)124 minutes
292710B-184 SXL (Large)184 minutes
292705B-194 SXL (Large)194 minutes

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