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Maxell DUP-120 Duplicator Series Normal Bias Audiocassette Tapes 102002

Stock: Please Call.
Part #: 102002
Weight: 1.00 lbs
Qty Included: 200


Maxell DUP-120 Duplicator Series Audio Cassette Tape

Our Duplicator series are high quality audiocassettes offering you the consistency you require. The cassette shells are manufactured to quality control specifications that are 37% higher than industry standard.

  • Normal Bias Low Noise/ High Output Audio Cassettes
  • Good for Voice Recording/Dictation
  • Superior tape assemblies with clear cassette shells
101802DUPLICATOR 3030 minutes
101402DUPLICATOR 6060 minutes
101202DUPLICATOR 9090 minutes
102002DUPLICATOR 120120 minutes

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