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Maxell DUP-60 Duplicator Series Normal Bias Audiocassette Tapes 101402

Stock: Please Call.
Part #: 101402
Weight: 6.00 lbs
Qty Included: 200


Maxell DUP-60 Duplicator Series Audio Cassette Tape

Our Duplicator series are high quality audiocassettes offering you the consistency you require. The cassette shells are manufactured to quality control specifications that are 37% higher than industry standard.

  • Normal Bias Low Noise/ High Output Audio Cassettes
  • Good for Voice Recording/Dictation
  • Superior tape assemblies with clear cassette shells
101802DUPLICATOR 3030 minutes
101402DUPLICATOR 6060 minutes
101202DUPLICATOR 9090 minutes
102002DUPLICATOR 120120 minutes

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