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Maxell R-50DA PRO DAT Digital Audiocassette Tapes 182414

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Part #: 182414
Weight: 1.00 lbs
Qty Included: 100


Maxell R-50DA PRO DAT Digital Audiocassettes

Ceramic armor metal particles deliver clear digital audio sound use after use with remarkably little modulation noise. Maxell's DAT tape incorporates a 5-layer construction which includes an exceptionally smooth base film/dustresistant backcoating layer and a highly polished magnetic surface that ensures stable tape running. Static-resistant shell construction minimizes dust and dirt, virtually eliminating dropout errors. Specially designed transparent PP case resists heat, dust, shock and allows quick confirmation of data written on the large-size index card and label.

  • Certified Digital Audio Tape
  • Ceramic Armor Metal Particles provide high dynamic range and frequency response
  • Unique 5 Layer tape construction and HED binder system ensures a stable running tape
182614R-20 DA20 minutes
182514R-35 DA35 minutes
182414R-50 DA50 minutes
182314R-65 DA65 minutes
182214R-95 DA95 minutes
182114R-125 DA125 minutes

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