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Microboards Blu-ray Disc 25GB 4x BD-R White Inkjet Hub Print Cakebox BD-WIJ-400

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Part #: BD-WIJ-400
UPC: 678621010670
Weight: 1.00 lbs
Qty Included: 25


Microboards Blu-ray Media

Now available from Microboards Technology is all-new spindled Blu-ray media, the most cost-effective Blu-ray Discs available! Trust Microboards Blu-ray media for recording and archiving your data, videos, and more. Microboards' Blu-ray media comes in 25-disc spindles and records at 4X. Featuring White inkjet-printable and Silver Lacquer thermal-printable surfaces, Microboards Blu-ray media is compatible with all disc printers and disc publishers.

Microboards Blu-ray media is not supported by the Pioneer BD-R101 recorder.

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