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Panasonic Blu-ray Disc 50GB 2x BD-R Branded 50pk Cakebox LM-BRS50D50

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Part #: LM-BRS50D50
Weight: 2.00 lbs
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Panasonic 50GB BD-R Double Layer

50 Dual Layer Blu-Ray Recordable BD-R Discs 50 GB Capacity!

  • Double Layer: able to record up to 50 GB on a single disc.
  • Spindle Pack: shipped and packed in a 50-piece media spindle.
  • WORM Media: able to record and archive data (write once, read many)

Write Once Read Many (WORM). Panasonic Blu-ray BD-R recordable discs are the industry standard for archival and storage of large amounts of computer data.

The 50 GB capacity of Blu ray recordable double layer discs are great for authoring and backup of high definition (HD) entertainment such as movies and television shows.

Bluray dual layer discs are great for storing high resolution media such as RAW format photos from DSLR cameras, multi-track digital audio files and multi-channel high sample rate music by audiophiles.

Panasonic BD-R recordable discs are compatible with all Blu-ray burners and players on Mac and Windows computers. Finalized BD-R discs can be played on Blu-ray movie players

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