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Pioneer 5.25 Inch 654MB WORM Optical Disc Cartridge DEC502A

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Part #: DEC502A
Weight: 1.00 lbs
Pioneer 5.25 Inch 654MB WORM Optical Disc Cartridge DEC502A


Pioneer's line of WORM and rewritable media is designed to make the most of both contemporary and previous generation optical data storage. Our optical media features phase change technology to optimize any large storage applications of text video images or other data. The DC-502A/DEC-702 and DC17GWO/DEC-17GMO are ideal for optical storage use with Pioneer's DE-H7101 and DE-H9101 series of multifunction drives offering 654 Mbytes or 1.7 Gbytes of total data storage per disk (respectively). In addition since the DE-H9101 drives offer backwards compatibility to DC-502A/DEC-702 media it offers an ideal upgrade path to enhanced data storage without impacting your disk library.

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