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Sony 124 min. DVCAM for HDV Standard Cassette (82 min. DVCAM run time) PDV124HD

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Part #: PDV124HD
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Sony PDV-124HD 124min DVCAM for HDV

The 124min DVCAM for HDV is the perfect partner for videographers who want to shoot freely in SD or HD on the same media without increasing their cost.

  • New Generation of DVCAM tape
  • Can record HDV, DVCAM and Mini DV format
  • Benefit from an improved Carrier to Noise (C/N) and Radio Frequency (RF) to meet HDV format specification
  • Benefit from the latest Advanced Metal Evaporated Technology (AMEII) for highest possible signal output
  • Feature advanced lubricant to keep friction low and reduced head stain for better tape stability in all operating conditions
  • Offer highly reliable professional tape to preserve your VTR from head wear
  • Cleaning Tapes: PDVM-12CL and PDV-12CL

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