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Sony 124 min. (60i mode) HDCAM SR Large Cassette BCT-124SRL

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Part #: BCT-124SRL
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Sony BCT124SRL/4 HDCAM SR Large 124 min (record time dependant)

Sony BCT-SR Series HDCAM SR™ Cassettes

The Hollywood Gold Standard.

With full-resolution 1920 x 1080 recording and full-bandwidth 4:4:4 color, Sony's HDCAM SR recorders and BCT-SR Series cassettes are Hollywood mainstays. In motion picture production, HDCAM SR tape has captured features responsible for billions of dollars in box office. In television, these cassettes star in program exchange and in the mobile production trucks covering major sports and entertainment events. And you'll increasingly find BCT-SR cassettes in use for telecine, color correction, postproduction and anywhere image quality reigns supreme.

Sony's most advanced MP tape.

The key challenge of 1920 x 1080 4:4:4 recording: how to store so much data in a medium of reasonable size. Sony's solution: a dramatic reduction in the size of our Metal Particles. We developed particles some 50% smaller than our previous best to capture wavelengths as small as 0.29mm -- a human hair can be 300 times wider! The result is incredible performance: two times the output and 2.7 times the recording density of HDCAM® tape -- and 3.3 times the recording density of D5-HD tape.

Tele-File® metadata labels.

Today's productions need more metadata about the recorded content than a hand-written adhesive label can display. That's why each BCT-SR cassette includes a 1 kilobyte IC memory chip embedded in the spine label. Sony HDCAM SR decks can write and read key production data onto these labels to expedite the workflow.

A more robust case.

Even the BCT-SR cassette cases are designed with higher performance characteristics to shut out contaminants and absorb physical shock.

  • 3D Suspension. By clamping the reels both vertically and horizontally, the case provides superior shock protection.
  • Double lock. Two locks instead of one reduce the chance of the cassette falling out should the case be dropped.
  • Frame bumper. Large projections along the edge of the case provide another level of protection, absorbing impact.

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