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Vinpower Digital Titan lite Auto CD/DVD Disc Eraser VP1-ERASER

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Part #: VP1-ERASER
Weight: 56.00 lbs
Vinpower Digital


Titan lite Auto Eraser

Destroy Your Data. Save the Environment.

Vinpower Digital proudly introduces the Titan lite Auto Eraser, our newest and safest weapon in destroying unwanted information stored on CD's or DVD's. We are living in a digital world and as more information is kept on digital discs, namely CD's and DVD's, there needs to be a safe and effective method to discard this unwanted sensitive material. At the same time, we are living in a more ecologically responsible world, were we recognize the importance of protecting our environment. Previous disc destroyers would shred or punch holes in the discs that could release toxic particles into the atmosphere and creates shards of debris which could cut the skin if not handled properly. The new robotic Titan lite Auto Eraser will permanently erase any information stored on a CD or DVD using the drives internal laser, so there are no harmful particles or shards released into the environment. The drive uses an intense laser to burn off the data making the disc completely unreadable. The drives are completely safe with no danger to the user, unlike a disc shredder where other articles or body parts could accidentally come in contact with the sharp blades. With 3 drives and 100 disc capacity, you can permanently erase data on up to 100 CD's and/or DVD's in a little over an hour automatically while you attend to other matters.

Advanced Features

  • Complete Standalone Operation:
    No PC required to operate the eraser.
  • Maximum 100 disc capacity
  • Sticky media separator option: Higher probability to separate sticky media.
  • Multi-Language capability for English & Spanish: The text on the LCD screen can currently be displayed in English & Spanish.
  • Auto-Counter Technology: Displays the total number of discs successfully erased compared to desired output for each project.
  • Account management (password protection): This function will authorize only specific user(s) to operate the eraser with their preferred settings. Able to assign numerous passwords for multiple users.
  • Supports erasing all currently available media including CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW, DVD±R-DL.
  • Power boot self diagnostics: Keeps the eraser functioning optimally.
  • User friendly interface with 'easy-to-read' LCD display:
  • Upgradeable for future drive technology: Able to upgrade future eraser for more media type support.
  • Continuous erasing without waiting for cool down: No need to stop the eraser for fear of overheating.
Operating TypeStandalone Automated
Max Disc Capacity100 Discs
Language Supported:English / Spanish
Display20 x 2 LCD
Supported Disc types:CD-R/RW
Supported Media Size:CD: 12cm, 8cm DVD: 12cm, 8cm
Tray Color:Orange, extra warning to prevent wrong destruction of data.
Power SupplyInput: 90 ~ 240 V
Operating Humidity20% ~ 80%
Temperature40oC (104oF) / 5oC (41oF)
RegulationFCC, CE, RoHS
ManufacturerVinpower Digital

Throughput Capacity Per Hour (In Typical Situation):

 DVD Single layer (DVD±R, DVD±RW)54
 DVD double layer (DVD±R DL)25

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